• i2X-MP15X Development Kit

    IntroductionOrderingSoftwareHardwareAccessoriesDevelopment Resource The i2X-MP15X Development Kit is a solution platform for functional evaluation and testing for industrial control and embedded products. i2X-MP15X Development Kit consists of two parts, i2S-MP15x core board and i2C-MP15X-B base board. The i2S-MP15x is a system on module designed by ST’s STM32MP1 series of microprocessors. The selected processor model is STM32MP157AAA3, which uses ARM dual Cortex-A7 core and Cortex-M4 co-processor to provide better multimedia and real-time processing power. i2C-MP15X底板不仅可以支持i2S-MP15x系列核心板,同时对核心板引出的信号,实现为特定的功能接口。底板集成了以太网、RGB LCD、USB OTG、USB Host、RS232、RS485、CAN、音频、4G模块、WiFi等丰富的功能或接口,可满足大部分工业应用场合、物联网、便携式消费电子、汽车电子等多个行业。 The i2C-MP15X backplane not only supports the i2S-MP15x series core board, but also implements a specific functional interface for the signals led from the core board. The chassis is integrated with Ethernet, RGB LCD, USB OTG, USB Host, RS232, RS485, CAN, audio, 4G module, WiFi and other rich functions or interfaces to meet most industrial applications, Internet of Things, portable consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other industries. Features Carrier board supports i2S-MP15x series SOM…

    Development Kit 2020-03-25

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