About Us

The i2SOM Information Technology built more products for the embedded industry. The SoMs product of i2SOM provides more friendly develop tools and rich resource to help developer faster build the product.

About i2SOM

The i2SOM was started in 2019. They focus on System-On-Module product and service.

i2SOM Advantage

Professional Team

Our team members are from the industrial control industry and have many years of development experience, familiar with the process of industrial product development, industrial product design and development has extensive experience.

Friendly development experience

Independently developed core board module, you can quickly and easily build a prototype of the product, while providing multi-language development library, even if you do not understand the underlying driver code can also be arbitrary development and application.

Popular Development Tools

In the development process, we focus attention to the optimization of the development process, and with the advantage of the Freedom of the Linux platform, we can build a more easy-to-develop tool stack with other software, so that development is no longer a disaster.

Contact us

Technical support mail: support@i2som.com

Market mail: market@i2som.com

Address: Room 11614, Block 4, Longji Guanlanshan, No. 76, Keji 2nd Road, Xi’an High-Tech District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

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